Pure Ecstacy

in a
vacuum packed heaven;
that lost touch,
were disconnected
from pure childhood ecstatic vision –
Portals entered through show
Eternity’s first sting
then back
to beginning

Untied shoelaces,
playground monkey bars –
Unleash languid swaying sensations;

Carefree vibrations,
upside down
sun glare

Multitudes of different portals
going through
Just to reach a sense of belonging
or being there

Running to catch up,
catch up with time
A game of outer ordinary
thought desires,
never finds

the longing, swirling

cosmic truths
in old age
gone missing

When thinking of now versus then,

It’s more plain –
Unlike wearing
psychedelic shades,
child evaporates
into nothingness gleam
of day

As its soul tries to bring back something that fell
thought to be dead,
though still awake;

An untangled thread
of remembrance
little broken wings no
longer broken –
& now unlocked, so that the tunnel from which he came
can serve as
final exit for
backyard pool party
resting places,
chlorine drain
of the pure ecstasy

TDH 2/4/16


Author: Todd D. Harris, Jr.

Retired military now art school misfit.

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